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How Often are Your Thoughts Based on Delusion or Reality?

A “delusion” is the result of believing that something is true – when in reality – it is not true.

How often do you engage in thoughts like “I’m not safe in this moment” or “I have to, should, or must do something in order to ‘survive’ this moment”?

See what physical, mental and emotional shifts occur for you when you take a breath then ask: “How do I know with absolute certainty that this thought is true?”


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How do you approach your life?

How do you approach your life?

Is your life happening to you or for you?

See what shifts occur in your thinking, feeling and behaviour when you playfully explore these different perspectives.

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Did You Know You Are Not Always Telling Yourself the Truth?

Did you know that you speak to yourself at a rate of 300 to 1,000 words per minute?

Did you also know that you are not always telling yourself the truth?

For the next week simply practice listening to how you speak to yourself.

Your ability to curiously explore your thoughts and test their validity before acting on them is a function of your emotional intelligence.

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Leadership through Love or Fear: It’s Your Choice

Leadership is neither a position nor is it about the one right way.

It is about your ability to influence others even when you do not have formal authority.

When you lead other you can do so from either love or fear.

It is that simple.

How you engage your emotional intelligence will determine the difference.

So what perspective do you truly want to lead from?


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Happy Earth Day 2017

Happy Earth Day 2017

What difference do you want to make in this world this year?

Shall we live in love or fear?

It’s our choice.

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What Do You Truly Want?

What if your mid life crisis is not really a crisis?

What if it is simply a calling to explore the question: what do I truly want?

Ask and answer this questions each day for the next seven days and discover what becomes clearer to you.

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