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  • "I had the priviledge of attending one of Kelley's Leadership sessions. I was blown away by his creative approach presenting the material to the group of administrators in attendance. He was extremely knowledgable about the field of leadership and used current day examples of leadership issues and solutions! His command and use of technology was amazing...he is totally linked into today's generation using technology to entertain and help attendees learn the finer points of leadership! I left the session feeling that as a facilitator he was the best! I not only learned about leadership but by attending his session I learned how to better facilitate my own sessions in a leading edge way!"
    Brenda Dusek,
  • "Fantastic! Kelley exceeded expectations.  He explained difficult, non-linear concepts very clearly and in a way that kept a diverse audience interested and engaged. His passion for the topic is evident and contagious. The knowledge and reference to academic references were impressive and added further credibility and impact to the teachings. His ability for taking complex concepts and making them palatable, applicable to work and life and memorable is impressive. His personal anecdotes are inspiring. Every once in a while you come across inspirational person with transformational messages. Kelley has wonderful teachings. This course has literally changed my life. Thank you Kelley!!"
    Mari MacNeil,
  • "Simple, yet profound, the concepts and tools covered in this course can effect meaningful, positive change in both your career and your life. I am grateful to have crossed paths with Kelley Marko and this course."
    Dan Lawrence,
  • "Kelley, while we only had 2 days to share and learn from each others experiences, this session provided me with some of the best and most transferable learnings I have ever been exposed to during my public service career."
    Rick Stroud,
  • "This is a definitely a one of a kind program. I have attended many programs and workshops and can honestly say that this workshop is outstanding. Kelley has inspired me to take the time to apply and develop best practices for success in work and in my personal life. I am forever thankful to have gotten this opportunity."
    Sheetal Dahuja,
  • "I have done a lot of personal inner work over the past 10 years and I have experienced many shifts or ‘aha’ moments as I like to call them. However, I struggled with how to incorporate this into my workplace. The training and coaching session has allowed me to focus on creating a space in my workplace to allow for conscious responses. Too many times I’ve opted to being the observer and remain quiet and compliant as I felt that this was the only way to respond but I realize now that it was not effective. I am really excited and hopeful that I will be able to experience more ‘aha’ moments related to my work relationships and now I know how to bridge my inner work with my work self. This workshop has also energized me and I’ve re-dedicated myself to my continued growth. I am grateful to Kelley for sharing his knowledge and energy with us."
    Lisette Pedicelli,
  • "I was so impressed with Kelley’s mastery of the EQ material and his facilitation style that I not only asked him to provide training for our senior management team at our head office but also asked if he would consider being an ongoing coach and mentor to me. I have learned so much from Kelley - it is a pleasure working with him."
    Johanne Henderson,
  • "Kelley was able to help our group break down any barriers and guards which we had up - and created an environment which was comfortable to participate in. His knowledge of the topic matter was excellent."
    Nectar Tampacopoulos,
  • "Kelley made this very profound material very easy to understand and implement quickly. I enjoyed his calm and trusting manner and would recommend this program to anyone who is on the journey of self reflection and self improvement."
    Sonya Ghandi,
  • "Leading to Success with Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is an essential tool for anyone in a leadership or management role; it brings to you so many other tools that you have not been consciously aware of. The power of these tools if applied and practiced are invaluable. Kelley makes you aware of these tools and the power of there application."
    Barry Ashley,
  • "This is a world class program—and I have a good basis of comparison. It has inspired me to take the time to apply and develop best practices for success in work and life."
    Helen Prinhold,